I am offering this list for free, although a donation of $10.00 is suggested to aid me in continuing my research towards future projects. Thank you in advance.

Spreadsheets are here! Click this link to download the North American map and click this link to download Canada!

WORK IN PROGRESS !!.......The most comprehensive list of Native American tribes in existence, including a fully searchable excel spreadsheet. This is an insight into the work it took to create the Tribal Nations Map. It is free for anyone to use, view or spread in an effort to educate ourselves about our Tribal histories . It includes the following :


- Indigenous names of each Tribal Nation  

- Meaning/translation of the Indigenous names

-Given-or common- names by which Tribal Nations are known

- Meaning/translation of given/common names

- Indigenous territory locations of each Nation

-Name that each Nation calls its homeland

-Bibilography of sources for each name collected (In progress)


- Special Notes



****Special Note: I invite any and all feedback , suggestions  and/or corrections ! Let's build this together and reclaim our past !!