"Map received. It falls into the category of 'MAGNIFICENT'. It is a reflection of an individual dedicated to truth & knowledge."

Trueman Coppock-Customer, Kokomo , Indiana 

“Wow! That’s amazing. Interesting how everyone is so focused on trying to make ends meet, we don’t take time to sit back and try and put the shattered puzzle back together. Such amazing work you’ve done and still doing for our Native people. Thank you.”

— -Cassandra Raye Chee , Dine' Nation, Reporter/Graduate student



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UPDATE: February 1st -This month's special deal: If you buy all 4 individual maps in the Art Canvas format (US, Canada, Alaska and Mexico), they are $90 each (normally $149 each). To redeem this discount, simply contact me at tribalnationsmap@gmail.com for your customized Paypal invoice. Bulk purchases include even bigger discounts. Thanks for your support! _____________________________________________________________________________________ THESE MAPS BELOW ARE 24 x 36 INCHES (standard frame size) (Posters printed on thick, durable poster with fade-resistant coloring. Canvases are printed on thick foam canvas material, using fade-resistant coloring)
Tribal Nations 24" x 36"
THESE MAPS BELOW ARE 35 x 52 inches (Posters printed on thick, durable poster with fade-resistant coloring. Canvases are printed on thick foam canvas material, using fade-resistant coloring)
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Map Series (Canada/USA/Mexico) discounted 24 x 36
Map Series (Canada/USA/Mexico)-discounted 35x52
I would appreciate any donations, as they will go towards furthering the Tribal Nations Map project, and promoting positive, historically-accurate images of Native American nations. I am currently working on several additions to this concept, such as creating interactive teaching tools for students and teachers, creating new maps, etc. I am also looking for funding or an investor to help catapult this endeavor:
US Nations map with no borders  

US Nations map with no borders


The Concept of the Tribal Nations Map


This map presents most of the documented, known Native American tribes that were here in pre-contact time, precisely before the arrival of Europeans. All of the Tribal Nations documented here are in the locations they were in just before the European Invasion affected their movement and displacement. This is a "living map", meaning that it is not set in s specific year, but rather shows where tribes were in the particular year or era when they first encountered Europeans. It serves as a reminder of the specific territories that were jeopardized upon this arrival. Most of the names of tribes are in their own languages, and are not the names given to them either by the invading Europeans or even by other tribes. For example,  the name Numuunu is used in place of what most Americans would call the Comanche Nation. The Western Sioux are referred to here in their own language as the Lakota. Unfortunately, many of the tribes here are indeed listed by their given name. Their original names were lost due to conflict with outsiders which left many tribes numberless, or forced remnant bands to  amalgamate into larger, stronger tribes. We seek here to honor those hundreds of tribal nations who existed in their respective territories for millennia unscathed until the encroachment of Europeans. This is a tribute to all of those forgotten tribes whose names had been lost to the wind, but who live in the hearts and minds of modern-day Native Americans who managed to survive the largest full-scale holocaust in Man's history. The desire is to honor the Indigenous Nations of this land by showing their own names used in their languages. 


We offer several versions of the Tribal Nations Map:

Version 1) Standard map including tribal nations as they were located pre-contact, with Indigenous names only ( On glossy  photo matte paper)

Version 2) 35X52 Standard map including tribal nations as they were located pre-contact, with Indigenous names plus common names( On glossy  photo matte paper)

Version 3) 35X52 Canvas map with Indigenous names only

Version 4) 35x52 Canvas map with Indigenous plus common names

Version 5) 35x52 Standard map with no state or country boundary lines (can be ordered in any version requested. Please contact us for specific requests)

 ***All maps are rollable and can be attached to any wall

For bulk orders, please order one at a time. If you order 3 maps or more, we throw in a 4th one for FREE

Please call with any questions ! Aaron 949-415-4981

2012. Aaron Carapella .Protected under copyright law

2012. Aaron Carapella .Protected under copyright law

Navajo Times Article

Navajo Times Article

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